Noëlle Lassailly

Bring universes into my world


Noelle Lassailly is a self-taught painter. Born in Paris in 1965.

"Introspection is the basis of my preparatory drawings. And most often it is the gentleness that dominates in my paintings, with a touch of humor on an old-fashioned background.

I simplify as much as possible to bring out only the essentials. The most important thing for me is emotion, Essential element.

So I give birth to a universe. Another world.

Perhaps to extract myself from mine, the time of a work."

My maxim: "To bring universes into my world".


Sam Toft, Patricia Broothaers, Amedeo Modigliani


2012-2021 Artiste Peintre Autodidacte France
Noëlle Lassailly

The artist at work

Solo Expositions

2018 Galerie A-Z'Art (Septembre) Ventabren, France

2017 Galerie A-Z'Art (Aout/ Septembre) Ventabren, France

2017 Galerie A-Z'Art (Novembre / Décembre) Ventabren, France

2016 Galerie A-Z'Art (Septembre) Ventabren, France

2015 Galerie A-Z'Art (Septembre) Ventabren, France

Collective Expositions

2021 Art3f : Salon International d'Art Contemporain Marseille, France

2020 SIAC 2020 (Salon International Art Contemporain) Marseille, France

2018 Expo de Printemps Ventabren, France

2017 Galerie Autran (Février / Mars) Aix En Provence, France

2017 Mai : Journée métiers d'art et d'artisanat : Expo rue Arts Graphiques Ventabren, France

2017 Sun Expo Vitrolles, France

2016 Moulins des Arts (Mai) Rognac, France

2015 Moulins des Arts (Mai) Rognac, France

2014 Galerie "La Bergerie" (Juillet /Aout) Carry Le Rouet, France

Permanent Collections

2018 Grenier d'Alice Rognes, France

2017 Grenier d'Alice Rognes, France

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